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Magic: The Gathering

I'm also a big fan of MTG, so I'll be using this page to discuss decks, strategies and the like.

Well, as we know, the Myr seem to be making a BIG comeback in Scars of Mirrodin, so I figured I'd celebrate by making an FNM deck based around the lovable little scamps.
I don't believe myr have a chance at being anything more than an FNM deck with the current previews, but with a few more powerful cards I do think they could be tier 1.
As I am building this to be an FNM deck, I am going to avoid putting in cards like Jace, The Mindsculptor and other ridiculously expensive cards.  Anything that is over 10 dollars will not be included in the deck.  (and the only cards close to that price included will be fetchlands)
Anyway, here is the framework for my Myrball build.
Spells/Non-creature Artifacts:
10x Island
7x Mountain

So I'll divy it up into 3 points:
We have more spells that require blue than red mana, hence more islands than mountains.  Depths is to be played after scrying for further library fixing.
Galvanizer is the mainstay of the deck, allowing for infinite mana with two on the field.  The 3 mana myr are there to combo with him of course, and ramp into the rest of the ridiculous cards in the deck.  Battlesphere is for fun and nothing more - equipping it with splinter twin after you have two galvanizers out is absolutely hilarious.  The forgemaster's sole purpose is to dig out wincons, either Mindslaver or Battlesphere in most cases, very rarely a second galvanizer or a prototype portal.
Splinter twin is ridiculously fun in this deck.  With two galvanizers, hook it up to battlesphere to win, or attach to galvanizer to make infinite mana as well as infinite power myrs (each galvanizer gives everything +1+1!)
Mindslaver is the alternate wincon, if you can go infinite with prototype portal, do it.  Otherwise it can stall a turn and set your opponent back while you dig for wincons.
Prototype portal is mainly for either Galvanizer (in desperation) or Mindslaver.
Preordain is for digging and drawing.
The beautiful thing about deprive is you don't care if your lands bounce.  You have enough myr mana.  Infact, bouncing means you get to reuse halimar!  Its great!
Fireball is... well, fireball.  Classic myr wincon.

I really like scrying 4 to get a total of 6 cards deep, but is it worth putting in?  More testing will confirm.

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